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You’ve got an amazing business, you’ve got a great product or service…and now it’s time to grow!

If you get great feedback but just wish you could get more eyeballs on your business, we can help.

We help brands and businesses grow their awareness, website traffic and conversions through online ad strategies and SEO.


Why Facebook ads, Google ads and SEO?

Well, it’s simple really. In the earlier years of my career, I did it all. Email, social media management, content marketing…the list goes on.

Repeatedly it was the ads that created both visibility and website traffic but then, most importantly, also made extra revenue. Like money in the bank, a positive return on investment!!

We use both Facebook and Google ads, because each has their advantages for different businesses.  One is not better than the other, they both have their strengths and we are able to utilise the best one for your business. Sometimes this might mean using both of them.

SEO also brings more qualified website traffic to your website on autopilot and generally these visitors are way more likely to convert, because they’ve proactively sought you out.

So it’s not because we love ads and SEO (we do!), it’s because they just straight up WORK! And it’s time to get some of that goodness going in your business.


Why outsource?

It’s simple…so you can focus on your ZONE OF GENIUS.

Running profitable ads and creating SEO strategies is a skill. One that takes a lot of work to master. We take this off your plate so that you can get on with what you do best – running your business.

We’ve spent the past five years working with businesses in a range of different capacities, managed hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad spend and have the experience and skill required to get you where you want to go a hell of a lot faster.


We’re more than an agency

It’s time to introduce myself. I’m Louise Blakely and I’ve been working closely with business owners in the SaaS, tech, coaching & e-commerce industries, helping them scale their companies with online ads and SEO.

I’ve got two degrees, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce (both in Marketing). My knowledge in the digital space is from hands on experience, although my studies have definitely helped shape the strategic part of my digital marketing skills.

louise blakely

Not all businesses out there are quite ready to outsource though. If this is you, I know you really want to scale your business the right way by getting more traffic to your website, but you’re just not ready to make that kind of investment.

That’s why I also provide training materials for you to learn how to DIY your own digital marketing, at an affordable (or often free) rate. You can find the training area of the website here. I also do weekly trainings in my free Facebook community, the Hooked On Marketing Collective. You can join that here.

And if you sit somewhere in the middle and want a helping hand, yet you want to acquire the knowledge you need to invest in the future of your business, I also offer one on one coaching. You can book a one off strategy session or a 12 week coaching package.


This business journey ain’t easy 

If you’re struggling to get started with marketing because you’d rather crawl under your desk than be seen online, or you’re constantly procrastinating or sabotaging your own success, then you have a mindset issue.

If this is you, no amount of marketing strategy is going to make a difference.

My motto is work on your mindset before you work on your business. If your mindset is in the right place, then the business side of things will fall into place. I am a qualified mindset coach and can help you get out of your funk quickly. You can find more information on that here. 


Now for the nerdy stuff

Our work is backed by years of experience, formal qualifications and learning from the some of the best marketers in the world.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Double Major in Marketing & Tourism)
  • Postgraduate Diploma In Commerce (Marketing Management) With Distinction
  • Hooked On Marketing has the Google Partner Badge
  • Google Adwords Qualified Individual
  • Google Analytics Qualified Individual

louise blakely

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